Da 3000 breathalyzer for iphone

The breathometer device seems designed for the iphone 4 and earlier, where it. Buddy is a breathalyzer for the iphone designed to be more a product than a project. A portable breathalyzer offers a convenient and affordable way to selftest your bac, providing immediate feedback so you can make an informed decision before getting. I was at the bar with some of my friends and we started discussing how great it would be if there was a breathalyzer application for the iphone. Topangebote fur drager alcotest 3000 online entdecken bei ebay. Go beyond testing track and learn with the free bactrack app.

Through proprietary hardware and a custom ios application, buddy provides users with a previously untapped link from the alcohol in their body to the display on their phones. A retractable 18inch plug attaches the breathometer to an iphone s headphone jack. Preventing drunk driving with the ipega iphone breathalyzer. Accuracy of the drager alcotest 3000 alcohol testing devices on the five. One moment youre having a few drinks and telling stories with new friends at a bar, and the next thing you know its almost morning, the table is littered with empty. Additionally, the da 3000 has become my favorite dac for computer streaming. Alkoholtester ace da 7100 promilletester alkomat alkohol tester mundstucke. Run a quick test with the bactrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer for iphone and android device. The ibreath alcohol breathalyzer is a handy little device that you can plug into the base of an iphone or ipod.

Shop for alcohol tester breathalyzer for iphone and ipad. Af20 personal use alcohol tester fuel cell sensor simple operation. Transform your smartphone into a breathalyzer with a bluetoothenabled bactrack. And with the new active zeroline feature, you can view a continuous countdown of. Textalyzer wants to be a breathalyzer for your cellphone. With accumulated experiences and cuttingedge technology, we spare no efforts to be a leader of the breathalyzer industry. Small, easy to carry and use with a simple to read lcd digital display for quick detection. This revolutionary device quickly and easily estimates your blood alcohol content bac using a highly accurate professionalgrade alcohol sensor. This revolutionary device quickly and easily estimates your blood alcohol. Weighing less than a quarter of an ounce, the device is incredibly portable small enough to fit on a keychain. Alcohol tester drager drager alcotest 3000 breathalyzer used only 11 times. Drinktracker personal breathalyzer simulator and bac calculator app for iphone and ipod touch. Bactrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer professional.

It was only a matter of time before someone designed a breathalyzer for the iphone. Snapchat scores cant be determined by smelling someones breath. Da techs alcofind digital breathalyzer series performs enhanced accuracy and wide range of usage from personal to professional in various fields, in addition, we have various models for customer choice and satisfaction. A car breathalyzer, often courtmandated, connects directly to a vehicles ignition system and keeps the car from starting until the driver provides a satisfactory bac level. Quickly and easily estimate your bac, track your results over time, and with zeroline, estimate when your bac will return to 0. Las mejores ofertas en alcoholimetros desechables ebay. The accessory then interacts with a mobile app to give an accurate bac reading after the user blows into the mouthpiece. Our first priority is to ensure safety to those who use our products and. They are also fully compatible with apple watch, where your bac results are sent directly to your wrist. Tascam da3000 stereo master recorder and adda converter. The bluetoothenabled device allows you to connect most android and ios devices, including the apple watch. Instantly transform your iphone or android smartphone into a breathalyzer with the bactrack mobile. If the hipster happens to own an ibreath breathalyzer, the answer could be just a puff of air away.

Features wireless bluetooth connectivity, powerful appenabled bac. March 16, 2015 in dui by andy green nowadays, it seems like we have an app for everything. Do you need to know if the alcohol is out of your system from the night before and it is safe to drive now. Smartphone alcohol breathalyzer for iphone and android. The unit can record to sdhc cards and udma supported cf cards. Save on disposable breathalyzers trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. The tascam da 3000 is a high performance pcmdsd master recorder with stereo recording of analog and digital signals at high sampling frequencies up to 192khz pcm and 5. I bought a usbtospdif link so i could connect my computer to the da 3000 and stream pcm up to 24192. Bactrack smartphone breathalyzers are compatible with ios devices, including iphone and.

June 15, 2009 the ibreath ipod breathalyzer is the first alcohol tester designed for the apple ipod touch and iphone device. Breathometer combines breathalyzer with apples iphone. Breathometerworlds first smartphone breathalyzer indiegogo. The awardwinning bactrack mobile pro integrates a smartphone app and professionalgrade breathalyzer to bring blood alcohol content bac wirelessly to your device. I walked over to the counter, powered on the breathometer breeze, and launched the corresponding application on my iphone. Alcohawk q3i8000 ihawk breathalyzer for smartphone. This iphone breathalyzer wants to call you a cab techcrunch. Alcohol monitoring bactrack view with a bactrack, your iphone or ipad, and our new app, share or receive photoverified bac results in real time. Alcohawk q3i3000 precision digital breath alcohol quick. The breathometer is a portable breathalyzer the size of house key that plugs into your android or iphone. Bactrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer for iphone and. Utilizing zeroline technology, it estimates when your levels will return to 0. They also made me pee in a cup, but nothing was taken that night. Instantly check your blood alcohol content plugnplay.

The ihawk breathalyzer, by alcohawk, connects to your iphone, ipad, ipod or android 4. The bactrack mobile breathalyzer is the worlds first breathalyzer that connects to your iphone wirelessly via bluetooth. Alcohol analyzer for iphone, ipad or ipod is a mobile. Shop alcohol tester breathalyzer for iphone and ipad. It delivers consistent, reliable bac results with policegrade accuracy. Utilizing bluetooth technology, bactrack smartphone breathalyzers seamlessly connect to your iphone or android smartphone. Unfollow iphone breathalyzer to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. It is possible for the iphone to become a breathalyzer. Breathometer wants to be the first breathalyzer that works in tandem with your iphone, making it easy and convenient to breathalyze yourself, or a friend, to see if your bloodalcohol level is. Viseeo doctor v dv1 personal fitness tracker alcohol breathalyzer iphone 7 8 x.

Set the hoax on your friend, so set how drunk you want them to be. The ultraportable bactrack vio transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer. This iphone breathalyzer wants to call you a cab gregory ferenstein 7 years last saturday, i got sauced for purely journalistic purposes. Is there a breathalyzer app for the iphone or an android. Tascam da3000 2 channel high definition audio recorder at.

The ipega iphone breathalyzer is a clean and healthy way for both you, and anyone you might be in a car with, to quickly determine if its safe to drive or if you should call a cab instead. Bactrack easy to performed with apple ios device iphone ipad and smart apple watch. Innovation in the app store has been rampant, but worthwhile development in thirdparty devices save a few. Instantly transform your smartphone into a policegrade breathalyzer with the awardwinning. You can even call an uber directly from the bactrack app if youve had too much.

The awardwinning bactrack mobile breathalyzer wirelessly syncs to your iphone or android smartphone and delivers bac results with policegrade accuracy. Features wireless bluetooth connectivity, powerful appenabled bac tracking tools and policegrade accuracy. Bactrack smartphone breathalyzers wirelessly deliver bac results to your ios or android device via bluetooth and even give an estimate of when youll be. Bactrack mobile breathalyser smartphone breathalyzer links to. We recently built, under the intuapps brand, the breathalyzer test for the iphone.

Smartphone breathalyzer for iphone and android its easy to drink more than usual when you travel. To use the options offered by the app, available for iphone and android including viewing a record of the tests performed, selecting measurement units. This device use bluetooth connectivity between bactrack and your ios device. Alcohol tester breathalyzer for iphone, ipod and ipad. Bactrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer the most accurate smartphone breathalyzer on the market. The most common test for bac is called a breathalyzer test, which assess blood alcohol using, as the name suggests, your breath. Check out breathometerworlds first smartphone breathalyzer on indiegogo. Bactrack smartphone breathalyzers are compatible with ios devices, including iphone and ipads, as well as most android devices running version 4. Distracted driving is a hazard up there with drinking and driving, but with a problem for cops. The breathometer device seems designed for the iphone 4 and earlier, where it will attach to the topmounted. The bactrack mobile is the breathalyzer for app and wearable enthusiasts.

It features a small lightemitting diode led screen, six simple buttons and a flipout tube. Bactrack mobile breathalyser smartphone breathalyzer links to ios and android devices. There are several devices used to administer the test. Digital police breath alcohol tester analyzer detector breathalyzer mundstucke.

A retractable 18inch plug attaches the breathometer to an iphones headphone jack. We are doing our best to be a leading manufacturer of high technology breathalyzers in the global market. Bactrack vio smartphone keychain breathalyzer iphone android. Bactrack skyn bactrack skyn the worlds first wearable alcohol monitor, bactrack skyn helps you make better decisions while drinking. Is there a breathalyzer app for the iphone or an android phone. Easily pair this device with an apple iphone, ipad or ipod touch and have the results wirelessly sent via bluetooth. Devices that plug into smartphones to augment the builtin sensors with additional smarts are continuing to make their way to market, many fueled by. Alcodigital 3000 breathalyzer draeger has been supplying the worlds police forces with breath alcohol measuring equipment for over 50 years. If you chose option b, then you must have bought speccomputers alcohol analyzer for iphone, ipad or ipod. The drinkmate is, according to its creators, the worlds smallest breathalyzer. The bactrack mobile breathalyzer features a very accurate fuel cell sensor and an ultracompact form factor. How the ibreath alcohol breathalyzer works howstuffworks. The tascam da 3000 is truly superb for making dsd copies of vinyl.

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