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Aaker brand equity model the brand equity model proposed. Aakers brand identity planning model a case study approach. An analysis of brand equity components in the context of. Marketing professor emeritus david aaker is widely considered the father of modern branding. Aaker considers that brand equity is a set of brand. Moisescu, the concept of brand equity munich personal. The concept of brand equity a comparative approach. Farquhar and aaker by defining brand equity as the value of a brand, based. Originally dubbed the brand identity model its now commonly referred to as the aaker model. Customerbased brand equity model cbbe model that is created and developed by david aaker. Appendix i david aakers brand identity planning model. Aaker, a marketing professor at the university of californiaberkeley and a management consultant at.

His pioneering work focused on defining brand equity and detailed ways to build and manage brands and portfolios. Unquestionably the most comprehensive treatment availa. He has published more than 100 articles and 18 books on the theory and practice of marketingincluding eight on. David allen aaker born 1938 is an american organizational theorist, consultant and professor emeritus at the university of california, berkeley s haas school of business, a specialist in marketing with a focus on brand strategy. As per aaker model, brand identity as consisting of 12 dimensions organized around 4 perspectives. David aakers brand vision model and how it works, part. David aakers brand equity model defines the five following brand equity com ponents. His model viewed the brand equity as a combination of brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand associations, which then combines with each other to finally offer the value provided by a product or service. Aaker s brand identity planning model a case study approach article pdf available in ssrn electronic journal october 2009 with 5,118 reads how we measure reads. Aaker the free press new york london toronto sydney 3. Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, ipad, iphone and android. According to aaker model, a particularly important concept for building brand equity is brand identitythe unique set of brand associations that represent what the brand stands for and promises to customers. Aaker considers that brand equity is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand, its name and symbol that add to or. In his 1995 book, building strong brands, david aaker introduced his nowfamous brand vision model.

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