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Sound level meter simple english wikipedia, the free. The compromises with sound level meters are between accuracy, features and cost. Click option system setup realtime measurement click realtime measure in file menu bar in the tool column to enter the screen as. If the lcd does not switch on, check the 9v battery located in the rear battery compartment. The manual covers the communication protocol, use of control commands for the sound level meter, format of data output by the sound level meter, and other topics. The sound level meter functions as a standalone device, and you can monitor sound levels by reading the lcd panel. The fluke 945 sound level meter has been designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety engineers, health, industrial safety offices and quali. The handheld xl2 analyzer is a powerful sound level meter, a professional acoustic analyzer, a precision audio analyzer and a comprehensive vibration meter in one instrument. Excessive noise at the enterprises and the environment may have very grave results and influence the health of the. There are three kinds of sound measuring instruments. Failure to observe the following procedures may result in serious personal injury not for use in explosive or hazardous. The xl2 is a powerful sound level meter for noise measurements applications.

Established in warsaw, poland in 1990, the company. Sound level meter, case, battery, calibration screwdriver, instruction manual. In addition to realtime sound level measurements, soundmeter can stream raw sound data to audio files, and store acquired sound level data, including date, time, and location, in csv or txt tabdelimited files, matfiles, or highresolution pdf. The instrument is ready to measure literally seconds after you press the power button. Bafx products decibel metersound pressure level reader. Measurement of most measurands, such as equivalent continuous aweighted sound pressure level laeq, sound exposure level lae, aweighted sound. The hhsl101 is a lowcost, compact, battery powered sound level meter capable of unattended logging recording of the decibel level of an environment for days, weeks or months. Over is when input is more than upper limit of range. Hhsl101 series digital sound level data logger omega. Sound measurement terms acoustic glossary guide to common sound measurement terms find out what the definitions are of some commonly used noise and sound measurement terms such as. Although windows only, the software is made by sound lab and titled sound level meter, and is a nice simple tool, and easily comprehensible or. Place it at the location where you want to measure and record sound level data. A sound level meter is used for acoustic measurements. Pdf the use of sound level meter apps in the clinical.

G4 ld utility software g4 connects your meter to your pc via usb, bluetooth, wifi. Sen0232 dfrobot electronic product wiki and tutorial. Na28 instruction manual acoustic research labs pty ltd. Sound level meter sound level meter in a working process excessive noise at the enterprises and the environment may have very grave results and influence the health of the workers hearing loss. The best type of microphone for sound level meters is the. The measurement dat a from these sound level met ers can be obt ained from more than one sou rce. Ono sokk downloads outer dimensions sound level meters. Guide to sound measurement terms acoustic glossary. Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the cdc website the centers for disease control and prevention cdc cannot attest to the accuracy of a nonfederal website. It is commonly a handheld instrument with a microphone. Thank you for using our data logger sound level meter. Does this online meter transfer data to the server. Professional integrating slm class 2 and data logger.

Like the human ear, this effectively cuts off the lower and higher frequencies that the average person cannot. Youlean loudness meter is capable of recording and displaying the loudness history over time. Pdf educational implementation of a sound level meter in the. The sc420 sound level meter measures a lot of functions for very long periods of time and also records audio files automatically. Noise pollution can be defined as high level of sounds which can cause. It is often used to study and measure different kinds of noise, especially industrial and transport noise. Sound level meter article about sound level meter by the. Soundadvisor model 831c sound level meter reference manual. The analogue radio shack 332050 sound pressure level spl meter is.

Advanced sound level meter and data logger with one measuring range a full 100db, from 30db to db. Its also handy for measuring and comparing decibel levels. The measurement of noise sound is becoming increasingly important in. The most common weighting that is used in noise measurement is aweighting. In addition to the regular noise and sound level measurements of conventional sound level meters, it also incorporates the following. Click the setup button to program your meter with the new settings 6. Impulse sound levels, especially those generated by firearms or fireworks, can reach peaks of 170180 db sound pressure level spl or higher. Soft db offers innovative products and services to improve productivity and working environments. In the code, aweighting is performed in frequency domain i.

Press level button to select desired level, base on under or over do not appear on lcd. The sensing microphone on the sound level meter is located at the end of the. We invite users who need highestperformance automatic loudness control to check out the optimod models 1101e, 1600pcn, 6300, 5700i, 8600si, 8600, 8700i and 8685 at. Depending upon the mode selected, this can be used to investigate the loudness history and even. If you want to collect sound level data, you need to connect the sound level meter to a. The meter will begin displaying sound level readings. Sound level meter model 4431 instruction manual kanomax usa. Cadrim digital sound level meter decibel meter noise measure device with large lcd display high accuracy range 30dba battery included 4. Virtual sound level meter for analyzing calibrated sound files. Can store 99 sets of data which can be readout from unit or through the pc interface.

A sound level meter or sound meter is a device used to measure sound pressure levels. The purpose of this study was to compare sound level meter slm readings obtained using a larsondavis depew, ny model 831 type 1 slm, a radioshack fort worth, tx slm, and iphone 5. This project is the matlab development of a virtual sound level meter. Soundmeter x turns your ios device into a handheld datalogging sound level meter slm, datalogging noise dosimeter, multichannel data recorder, and realtime analyzer rta. The best way to approach the analysis of all these functions together with.

Pdf measuring gunshots with commercial sound level meters. Sc420 sound level meter and spectrum analyser cesva. The sound level meter nl20 complies to iec and jis standards. We excel at optimizing acoustic comfort for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Congratulations on your purchase of the extech sdl600 sound level meter. The best type of microphone for sound level meters is the condenser. This decibel meter with pc interfac e is compact and easy to use while providing you an accurate readings in a greater range than similar inexpensive sound meters on the market this sound meter. Sound level meter is also popularly known as noise meter, commonly used to determine different kinds of noise in the noise pollution. The pc software developed by scarlet tech to works with.

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